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Experienced Northeast Ohio Lawyer Prepares Authoritative Wills

Strongsville firm finds solutions to complex estate planning challenges

Without proper estate planning, you cannot be sure that your wishes will be honored. Regardless of your wealth or specific intentions, creating a will gives you the ability to control the distribution of what you’ve earned and provides the sense of security that you deserve. At her Strongsville firm, Donna Ramsey-Caputo, Attorney L.L.C., draws on more than three decades of legal experience in drafting effective, enforceable wills tailored to each client’s needs. Waiting too long to make a will or executing a document without personalized advice from a qualified professional could cause irreparable harm. Her firm establishes wills that express your wishes and benefit your heirs.

Attorney creates testamentary documents throughout the Cleveland area

Whether you seek to limit possible tax exposure or just want to make sure that your assets are transferred smoothly after your death, she will assist you with every aspect of your will, such as:

  • Drafting — She will make sure you understand your options and then draft a legal document that reflects your intentions, names a suitable executor, and minimizes potential probate difficulties.
  • Revisions — As your relationships and financial circumstances change, it’s very possible that your estate goals will change as well. If a specific event occurs that triggers the need for a modification, or you just haven’t reviewed the terms in a few years, her firm can review your will and make any necessary revisions.
  • Coordination with trusts and other estate planning instruments — Trusts can work alongside wills to transfer assets efficiently and accomplish specific objectives. A qualified attorney can present various estate planning options and help you determine the right combination for your situation.

Failing to establish a valid Will means that your property will be divided among your family members based on Ohio’s intestacy rules. Even if you expressed a wish to give a certain item to a loved one, there would be no legal way to enforce it.

Skillful legal counselor minimizes the possibility of will contests

A clear, well-drafted will should avert confusion and discourage contests from purported heirs who are unhappy with the document’s terms. Her firm takes great care to prevent any potential allegations relating to fraud, mistake, undue influence or lack of capacity. However, if a dispute arises, she is a seasoned advocate who can advise you of your options.

Contact a dedicated Northeast Ohio attorney for assistance with a last will and testament

Donna Ramsey-Caputo, Attorney L.L.C. counsels Northeast Ohio individuals and families on the creation, review and revision of wills. Please call 440-238-3373 or contact her online to schedule an appointment. Her office is in Strongsville.

  • "Donna is an excellent attorney with a superior knowledge of law. She was very organized and kept me informed during the whole divorce process. She is diligent and determined to do right by her clients. I'm glad she was mt attorney and would recommend her highly. Thank you Donna." - Guy P. Cleveland, OH

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