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Experienced Strongsville Lawyer Represents Clients in Alimony Cases

Knowledgeable  family attorney handles spousal support matters in the Cleveland area

Though many people still use the term “alimony,” Ohio law refers to payments from a divorced person to their former partner as spousal support. Though this can be one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce, many people are unaware of how these spousal support determinations are made and who is entitled to these payments. The law firm of Donna Ramsey-Caputo, Attorney L.L.C. in Strongsville, works with paying and recipient spouses to help them understand how rates are set while a divorce is pending and after the marriage dissolution is finalized. From there, she prepares the evidence needed to give clients the best chance for a fair result. With more than 30 years of experience in Northeast Ohio, she has the legal and practical knowledge to prepare parties for these matters and to assert their rights effectively.

Effective advocate outlines the factors used in alimony determinations

Across Cuyahoga and Medina counties, her family law firm represents Ohioans in every aspect of divorce proceedings. Even if you’re not sure if spousal support will be an issue in your case, her firm will make sure you understand how the law addresses:

  • Temporary spousal support — Once a spouse files for divorce, payments can be ordered to help a supported wife or husband meet their needs while the divorce is pending.
  • Post-divorce spousal support — Though sometimes referred to as “permanent” spousal support, alimony is not always designed to be a lifetime income source. It is intended to help someone meet their needs and maintain their standard of living while they gain or regain the ability to support themselves.
  • Duration — A key factor in spousal support determinations is the duration of the marital union.
  • Other alimony factors — Each party’s income and earning ability are critical when courts set alimony rates. Other key spousal support factors can include the spouses’ physical condition, and lost income potential.
  • Modifications and termination — If an involuntary change occurs that affects the fairness of a previously entered alimony decision, her firm can seek appropriate relief from the court if spousal support is modifiable. In most cases, spousal support is terminated once a recipient spouse remarries, though this is not expressly mandated under Ohio law. Cohabitation can also be grounds to end alimony.

No matter what your situation might be, you don’t want to be caught by surprise by a decision on spousal support. I’ll help apply the legal factors to your circumstances and press for a proper outcome.

Contact an accomplished Ohio family lawyer for advice on an alimony issue

Donna Ramsey-Caputo, Attorney L.L.C. advocates for Northeast Ohio clients in alimony disputes and other legal matters pertaining to divorce. Please call 440-238-3373 or contact her online for a consultation at my Strongsville office.

  • "Donna is an excellent attorney with a superior knowledge of law. She was very organized and kept me informed during the whole divorce process. She is diligent and determined to do right by her clients. I'm glad she was mt attorney and would recommend her highly. Thank you Donna." - Guy P. Cleveland, OH

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