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Child Custody

Proven Ohio Lawyer Protects Children and Parents in Custody Cases

Dedicated Strongsville family advocate works to set appropriate terms

During a divorce involving parents of minor children, custody and visitation issues can become complicated and contentious. In most cases, it’s best for mothers and fathers to overcome hard feelings and work together on arrangements that create a positive environment for children and their parents. Donna Ramsey-Caputo, Attorney L.L.C. in Strongsville offers skillful counsel to Northeast Ohio clients dealing with parental rights and responsibilities following a divorce. In practice since 1984, she can often identify creative solutions even when there is sharp disagreement between the parties. Should a fair agreement be impossible to reach, she is a courtroom advocate who will press for a resolution that safeguards your child’s well-being.

Firm advises clients on legal authority, visitation and residential issues

Ohio no longer uses “custody” to describe matters pertaining to the parenting terms that are set after a divorce.  Instead, these issues are called “parental rights and responsibilities.” As an experienced family law attorney, she will take the time to go over key guidelines and concerns relating to:

  • Shared parenting — Parents in Ohio can enter into a shared parenting plan where each has status as the residential parent and authority over key decisions affecting their child. This often depends on the proximity of each home and access to transportation. One location should be designated as the child’s home for school district placement.
  • Residence — Either a mother or a father can be named as the residential parent through agreement between the parties or a judicial determination. She will advise you about pertinent factors such as parental fitness, the child’s educational needs, sibling relationships and other information that might be considered during these evaluations.
  • Legal authority — Often, both parents maintain legal responsibility over situations concerning their son’s or daughter’s education, health and religious instruction. If you believe this might present a problem, she will advise you of your legal options.
  • Visitation — Where one parent has primary residential custody, her firm works diligently to create fair parenting plans that promote frequent visitation and meaningful contact between the children and the noncustodial parent.

All decisions that are made by the court are based on what the judge believes to be in the child’s best interests. Whether you largely agree with your fellow parent or sharp disputes exist, her firm protects your parental rights to raise your children in an appropriate and supportive environment.

Skillful counselor assists with modification of previously entered orders

Changing needs of parents and children often justify the modification of child custody and support orders. In some instances, revisions can be negotiated easily, where her firm can submit adjusted terms for court approval. Other times, parents don’t agree to changes,she works closely with families to advocate for an appropriate solution. If a custodial parent requests a move to another state, emotions can run high. Her firm deals with parental relocation if an agreement cannot be worked out. By thoroughly investigating the situation, she can prepare a comprehensive case that addresses the need for the move, how the child will be affected, and each parent’s willingness to support the other’s relationship with their son or daughter.

Contact a trustworthy Cleveland-area lawyer for advice on a child custody matter

Donna Ramsey-Caputo, Attorney L.L.C. handles child custody issues and other family law matters for clients in Cuyahoga and Medina counties. Please call 440-238-3373 or contact her online to make an appointment for a consultation at her Strongsville office.

  • "Donna is an excellent attorney with a superior knowledge of law. She was very organized and kept me informed during the whole divorce process. She is diligent and determined to do right by her clients. I'm glad she was mt attorney and would recommend her highly. Thank you Donna." - Guy P. Cleveland, OH

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